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Midnight Run The Sounds of Journey

Dedicated to replicating the sounds of the phenomenal band, Journey, Midnight Run delivers incredible vocals, incredible sound and an incredible show. Each musician is committed to providing as true a sound to the original Journey band as possible, and the result is an experience that takes listeners back to times they cherish, while introducing a new generation to music they can love.

Journey music shaped the 70s and 80s and today Journey continues to tour and create new albums, showcasing resiliency and talent. Midnight Run’s talents and commitment to perfection delivers music that is technically perfect, soulful and memorable. In the end, what separates good bands from great bands is passion.

The five musicians of Midnight Run have always been passionate about music. Each took a different path in developing their talents and arriving at where they are today. Good tribute bands are dedicated to the music of the band they are covering. There’s lots of self-reflection and a continual dedication to the music. The work of Midnight Run in covering the Journey songbook is in itself a tribute to the music and a commitment to listeners to have a fantastic experience hearing the band.

Midnight Run delivers: in music; in vocals; in showmanship; and especially in passion. A Midnight Run show is filled with energy and soul, whether it’s the driving beat of “Any Way You Want It” or the tender ballad “When You Love a Woman.”

Lots of audience dancing and singing-along is standard fare at a Midnight Run show. The Midnight run experience is excellent for everyone – those who book us appreciate our professionalism and promptness, and those who hear our music savor memories and appreciate the music of Journey all over again.

Here is what people have to say about the band!

“Although Steve Perry may not be with the band anymore, I swear this band is the next best thing!” — Kristine Morgan

“Every time I hear a Journey song I think of Midnight Run, and I can’t wait until they come to town and perform again!” — Vickie Fern├índez Williamson

“Orlando Bellamo sings better than Steve Perry. This comes from someone with the Journey scarab on her back. If you get a chance check out Midnight Run. I believe they are the best Journey tribute band in California.” — Alicha Burleson

“Listening to and watching Midnight Run perform made me feel as though I was back in the day at a live Journey concert. The resemblance is astonishing.” — Paul Willey

“These guys are awesome. I’d rather see Midnight Run than ‘the new Journey’ any day!!!” — Andrea Boykin

“I thought the Fair had Journey playing center stage, so imagine my surprise when I walked over to see Midnight Run! The band is brilliant.” — Tom Cutter



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