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Ian Galloway Magician

Ian is a magician who has performed shows professionally for several years now at places like the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He previously worked at the magic shop in Disneyland, but now tours full time with his shows. He made an appearance in the award winning film “Make Believe” where his magic is featured.

Magic IAN is great with people and uses a mix of comedy and magic to entertain audiences ranging from a few people to hundreds of people. He will be sure to tailor his show to specifically fit your event. Whether you are looking for a magician, comedian, hypnotist, mind reader, or fire performer, magic IAN does it all.  No matter what type event, whether it’s your child’s birthday party or a private or corporate party magic IAN will give your guest a joyful and entertaining experience.

In his children’s magic show Magic Ian will first warm the kids up with amazing card and coin tricks. For birthdays he will focus on making the birthday child feel special by magically making candy appear in their hand and magically producing a live animal in the finale. This is the show to choose if you want your birthday child to feel special.

And for his adult magic show, the audience will watch as Magic Ian demonstrates how magicians cheat in casinos using magic techniques and will watch cards magically shift color. You will be amazed as a borrowed coin seems to bend in your own hand and be mystified as he guesses a card someone merely thinks of. The finale will blow your mind as Magic IAN reads someone’s mind by guessing exactly what they are thinking of.

Magic Ian’s premium show Fire Desire is filled with magic and uses the element of fire. Watch as he makes items disappear and appear in a flash of fire. Choose a card from a deck and Magic Ian will change the identity of the card by lighting it on fire. You are in for a treat when you request him to perform this show.

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