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Eyo The Stiltwalker

Eyo The Stilt Walker is a Caribbean and West African-inspired artist and performer presenting traditional lore and dance styles from different regions of the Caribbean and Africa. Eyo is dedicated to the preservation and continuance of traditional African folk arts and culture.

Eyo performs traditional and acrobatic ballet style of stilt walking, and is a part of the Nanfoule Folklore Society and the Poro Bush Society from Liberia. As a part of the society rules the identity of the stilt walker is to remain anonymous, as the stilt walker represents the spirit of the ancestors.

Eyo (pronounced ay-yoh) has been performing professionally within the United States and around the world for 20+ years, first starting his training and performing in 1988.

Eyo has since then performed with many world renowned dance companies and troupes. Some of these troupes include Diamano Coura West African Dance Company, Teye Sa Thiosanne, Bomani Drum and Dance Ensemble, Tropical Productions, Dehcontee Liberian Dance Company, Nimely Napla Pan African Dance Company, KanKouran West African Dance Company, Chuck Davis and the African American Dance Ensemble and many more.

Eyo served as the Artistic Director for the Bomani Drum and Dance Ensemble from 1995 – 2001. Eyo has traveled and taught extensively throughout the United States, some of the cities he has taught at include Denver, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Atlanta. Eyo has also performed abroad in Zurich, Switzerland; London, England; Dakar, Senegal; Banjul, Gambia; Toronto, Canada.

Studying under master drum and dance instructors from West Africa of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali and Senegal. He has also learned from many other world renowned teachers and instructors. Some of his teachers include Nimely Napla, Yiriba Thomas, Aminisha Cunningham, Ron “Mtume” Edwards, Baba Chuck Davis, Naomi and Zakarya Diouf, Moustapha Bangoura, Baba Aziz, Assane Konte, Moussa Traore, Mareme Faye, Jeffrey Page and many others.

Our mission is to continue to share this family of masquerade and music accompaniment for good luck, peace, prosperity and balance in all of nature. While preserving the richness and authenticity of the culture, we strive to bless and enrich those that are in the presence of the mask. Through our thorough talent and charismatic technique that is deeply rooted in tradition and culture, we continue to be the keepers of the tradition.


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