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Liquid Blue® Band Video and More Info Liquid Blue® Band Video and More Info

Entertainment Act of the Year 2012 –People’s Choice Awards – Biz Bash Entertainer Of The Year 2011 – Spotlight Awards – Event Solutions World’s Most Traveled Band 100+ Countries, 500+ Cities Guinness World Record© 2010 – Hit Song Sung in Most Languages Billboard Top-10 Hit Single! – Earth Passport, #3 on Hot Dance Singles Chart 9/2010 America’s Best Dance Band 2007 & 2001 – National Music Awards

Liquid Blue® is a multi award-winning international recording / touring act and cover band for high-end events. The San Diego based ensemble has performed in more than 100 countries and hold a Guinness World Record®. The band scored a Billboard Top Ten Hit in 2010 and have been featured on Seven Magazine Covers. In 2005 Liquid Blue became the first American act to be signed by a major Chinese record label and was chosen to represent the United States at the CCTV kick-off concert for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The group has performed at sold-out, ticketed shows worldwide and has received more accolades, awards and recognition than any other party band in the event industry. Liquid Blue is a certified Green business.

Haute Chile Band Video and More InfoHaute Chile Band Video and More Info

Haute Chile has distinguished themselves as a different experience in the private event and corporate entertainment arena. You will not find this elegant group in the clubs or casinos! With an extraordinary level of musicianship, this unique group caters to discerning clients by delivering the music industry’s favorites with Hollywood glamour and a powerful concert-like presentation.

With their grand entrance in 1995 followed by their first award winning performance video, Haute Chile has separated themselves from the pack… the “Who’s Who” performing for the “Who’s Who”…with extraordinary musicians whose talents have been called upon by the likes of Elton John, Ringo Starr, Barry White, Chaka Kahn, Christina Aguilera, Luis Miguel, and Burt Bacharach to note a few. Delivering the finest in presentation, high style, musicianship and professionalism, has garnered Haute Chile it’s stellar reputation and imposing list of clientele.

Over the years, the band has continued to evolve and now is comprised of many of the West Coast’s preeminent musical talents. Haute Chile continues to set the standard of excellence in showmanship, business ethics, and flexibility and consistently exceeds the expectations of their discriminating clientele…… Their crowd-pleasing performances, high energy stage presence, and an edgy star quality style quickly makes Haute Chile one of the most requested show bands in the nation.

The Hodads Band Video and More InfoThe Hodads Band Video and More Info

The Hodads have been together since 1989. They have appeared with Kool & The Gang, The Beach Boys, The Smothers Brothers, Tony Danza, The Surfaris, Jim Belushi, Steve Vai, Steven Bishop, Bob Saget, Louie Anderson, Jerry Lewis, Casey Kasem, Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Lily Tomlin, and played in the movie, “The Replacement.”

The Hodads are multi-talented musicians who have worked with world famous entertainers and have over 100 years experience (collectively) at knowing how to read The Hodads can bring extra excitement to your party with themes such as: California Beach Party, Blues Bros., Motown Revue, Disco 70’s, Margaritaville, 50’s Sock Hop, Psychedelic 60’s, Country & Western, Biker Theme, Yacht Club, Hollywood Theme, and Classic Rock Show, the Hodads blend their unique ability to interact with the audience. The Hodads are not your typical dance band, These wireless entertainers will literally bring the music to you!
With celebrity impersonations such as Elvis, Louie Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Louie Prima; Country & Western line-dancing; Contemporary “hip hop” sounds; dancing to the classic steps of the 50’s & 60’s; colorful costumes and production, the Ho-Dads can transform your event into something extraordinary.


Band 4Band4

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