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Breezin was born in the balmy tropical breezes of Guam, where original members Ron and Frank had their first band in high school.  Both share a passion for grass root, down-home rhythms and blues, a passion that blew with them to California.  Today’s Breezin is acclaimed for their rich, tight vocal harmonies that range from slow and sultry to hurricane force sophistication that blows audiences out of their seats time and again.

A four piece versatile group that brings high energy dance music with an emphasis on vocal performances blending rich tight harmonies and rhythmic interpretations.  Four talented musicians performing together to produce a unique, sophisticated style of music that never ceases to entertain their audience.  Breezin has over twenty-five years performing in various venues throughout southern California. Most recently Breezin has performed at The Atrium, Hyatt Regency, The Hilton, The Jolly Roger Inn, Red Lion Inn, Sheraton. Breezin has also performed in many well known restaurants such as the Foxfire, The Hop, Music City, Rusty Pelican and Tijuana’s.