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Aragorn & Olivia

Olivia & Aragorn are a smooth acoustic pop duo playing hits from every generation. Performing a diverse number of genres with epic guitar solos of every taste, Olivia & Aragorn have successfully connected with audiences nationwide. Building great followings, they’ve taken what would be a usual bite to eat or night on the town and made it a return destination of enjoyment for many guests.

“We keep everything fresh – it’s never a thought-out thing,” said Aragorn Wiederhold, guitarist for the duo. “We pull the audience into the arrangement and keep them engaged and do stuff with the song that is completely unexpected. It’s what a really good remix does.”  Together, Aragorn and Olivia make challenging music. They rarely play the same song the same way twice. The duo typically changes the harmony and rhythm around each song, only keeping the melody concrete.

From the sultry Alicia Keys to soulful John Mayer, and a smooth blend of hits new and old, Olivia & Aragorn continue to deliver a delightful taste of the familiar with an original flare that has brought them acclaim across many media outlets. You’ve no doubt heard their array of original performances throughout television, including hit shows, Saints & Sinners, Modern Family, Burn Notice & many, many more. In addition, you can find their loops in successful television ads promoting, Axe Body Spray, VH1 & The Cartoon Network.

With clients such as Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Four Seasons Beverly Hills, J. Paul Getty Museum, InterContinental Hotel, Terranea Resort and many more, the duo of Olivia & Aragorn is on display for all to witness and catch a glimpse of such extraordinarly original talent. Come see for yourself!

 Current client list: Virgin Produced, Getty Museum, Four Seasons Beverly Hills, Intercontinental Hotel, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Terranea Resort & Salt Creek Grille



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