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Andy DiMino as Dean Martin

The introduction says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, direct from the bar… Dean Martin”!

The music starts, and Andy DiMino as Dean Martin takes the stage.

Although Dean Martin Impersonator Andy DiMino’s background may be more in music and singing than celebrity impersonations, DiMino is a natural when it comes to bringing ol’ Dino back to life.

With career experience as a musician, songwriter, recording artist, actor and stage performer, Andy has focused his attention on the music and comedy style of Dean Martin. Recently returning from a triumphant six week showroom engagement at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, the reviews have echoed the same positive response he received in San Francisco, Detroit, Boston and Berlin, Germany… “Andy DiMino as a brilliantly conceived, uncanny total embodiment of Martin”…

With his love for music and comedy of the Rat Pack generation, his close physical resemblance to Dean Martin and an Italian background (DiMino’s father and all four grandparents were from Sicily), it looks like Andy DiMino has truly found his calling. DiMino channels the legendary crooner and comedian to a tee in this wonderful stage show, performing some of Dino’s most loved songs while also working the stage with the same insouciant charm and easy vibe that made Martin such a beloved figure.

DiMino’s love and respect for the Rat Pack generation comes through during this night of music and comedy that will have you swingin’ in your seat.